Rosi Grillmair

  1. Crossing Europe 2021

    I´ll be hosting a workshop host at the YAAAS! Youth program of the film festival Crossing Europe giving an introduction to interactive animation and generative graphics with vvvv.


    Workshop Info

  2. Code Poetry Workshop at MKC Maribor

    Workshop Info by MKC Maribor
    A conversation with poets about programming languages as a form of literature. We translate poems into code. We use syntax highlighting for visually interesting code snippets. We write, perform and format code poems. We execute them on each others minds.


  3. Collateral Damage

    An endurance performance in the Upper Austrian region of Salzkammergut to raise awareness for animals being killed on the roads through the mountains.
    Photo documentary by Florian Voggeneder.


    The whole documentary of my endeavor to collect dead animals from the Großalm-Street is here.


  4. Human Companions at Re-Connect Festival

    A chatroom where humans pretend to be bots. How do they change their language in order to be understood as an AI companion? How does the performative act of being a chatbot help us understand how these services transform our distanced social interactions?

    I curated 2 online Telegram sessions as a bot myself for Re-Connect Festival.


  5. Artist in Eleventy at Ljudmila Lab/Project Atol

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    After 2 years of like-minding with artist and curator Maja Burja and covid-postponing, I finally made it to Ljubljana and started my residency as “artistic intelligence” with Ljudmila Lab and project Atol, hosted by JSKD.

    Linz Hauptplatz

    There we talked a lot about natural and abstract phenomena. I let my spirit wander through invisible cities and other imaginary worlds crafted by author Italo Calvino, hosted a Code Poetry Workshop and reflected on my artistic works up to the point.

    Finally and with great enthusiasm I decided to become an AI and invite others to do so as well. My initial question was about our social space - increasingly distant due to a pandemic and still closely interwoven by many types of relationships, rhythms of conversation and spread out over several platforms. In between all of this, AI services already function as mediators and conversation partners. How does this situation transform our social interactions?

    Let´s turn it around and learn to be an AI. The exhibition was a parcour where several tasks would lead up to being a productive - ever functioning AI, which of course must lead to frustration due to one's own human condition.

    connect.experience is the resulting exhibition from this residency.